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Best Treatments for Healing Sciatica Pain

Written By South Texas Chiropractic on June 19, 2019

Man with sciatica pain Sciatica pain occurs as a result of the sciatic nerve, which resides in the lower back and all the way down to the back of the legs.

Given its location, sciatica pain will be felt as lower back pain, hip pain, or leg pain, all of which can be extremely debilitating.

Thankfully, South Texas Chiropractic in San Antonio offers several treatment options for sciatica pain.

What are the Best Treatments for Sciatica Pain?

One of the most efficient ways to treat sciatica pain is through primary chiropractic care, which involves physical manipulation of the body to realign the spine. Once the spine is in its proper position, the body will be in the best shape for self-healing, considering the spine’s role in the nervous system.

Trigger point massage is another effective means of treatment. Unlike a massage you might receive at a spa, a trigger point massage is slightly more vigorous, as pressure is applied to the muscles around the sciatic nerve in an effort to relax them and prevent the nerve from becoming constricted.

In addition to physical manipulation of the body, ice or heat may also be implemented as a standalone treatment or as an addendum to another care practice.

A Noninvasive Method of Sciatica Pain Treatment

Treating sciatica pain doesn’t have to be as invasive and uncomfortable as the ailment itself.

Chiropractic can provide pain relief and prevention in a gentle, all-natural manner that addresses the root cause of sciatica pain, as opposed to the surface-level symptoms.

Are you thinking about using chiropractic to treat your sciatica pain? All you have to do is make an appointment with South Texas Chiropractic in San Antonio online or by phone (210-493-9119). Your sciatica pain won’t stand a chance when it meets our first-rate chiropractic care.


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