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Chiropractic for Auto Injury Treatment 

Written By South Texas Chiropractic on November 11, 2019

Woman with whiplash from car accidentHave you recently been in an auto accident?

Many people experience whiplash after an auto injury but often fail to seek proper care. 

Whiplash is neck strain caused from the traumatic back and forth motion of the neck in a rapid acceleration or deceleration. It is one of the main reasons people experience chronic neck pain, but whiplash after an auto injury can be avoided with proper treatment.

Auto Injury Treatments Offered by Chiropractors

Chiropractors are experts in neck and spinal care. Therefore, if you have recently experienced a physical trauma and are currently experiencing neck pain, a chiropractor can help by offering the following treatments. 

1. Spinal Adjustment 

A chiropractor will use their hands or a specialized tool to make manual manipulations to the spine. These manipulations help relieve pain and inflammation, while simultaneously removing any restrictions on mobility. In the case of neck strain, the chiropractor will gently move the neck to relieve whiplash symptoms.

2. Muscle Rehabilitation

Chiropractors can prescribe a series of exercises to help alleviate pain and repair damaged tissues. Certain exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the neck, clear out scar tissue, and rebuild new muscle tissue. This reduces the chance of developing chronic pain.

3. Sensorimotor Techniques 

Chiropractors can prescribe simple movements that help retrain the body to move better in daily life. Faulty movement patterns developed after an auto accident can cause repetitive strain injuries, and chiropractors can help correct these movement patterns before they become problematic. 

Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatment in San Antonio 

If you have recently been in an auto accident, it’s best to get ahead of neck pain before it becomes a chronic problem. Visit us at South Texas Chiropractic to find relief fast!

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